Winter donation for the Osnabrück Wärmestube

In the run-up to Christmas, the commercial vehicle tyre wholesaler Bohnenkamp and the renowned truck tyre brand Windpower are joining forces to send out a joint signal of social responsibility. With a donation of 4,000 euros, they are supporting the Osnabrück 'Wärmestube' - a shelter for the homeless - in the former Franciscan monastery.

The Windpower and Bohnenkamp brands help people in need in Osnabrück through the winter. This week, Gregor Rüth, Bohnenkamp board member and Martin Brunneke, Bohnenkamp purchasing department, presented a cheque for 4,000 euros to Deacon Joachim Meyer, head of the Episcopal See's homeless shelter. Founded in 1981, the shelter on Bramscher Strasse supports more than a hundred people in need every day with meals, clean clothes and offers them a place to retreat.

With this gesture, both companies not only want to offer financial support, but also generate attention for the important social work of the Wärmestube. "The centre here in the former Franciscan monastery does invaluable work, especially in the cold winter months. Together with Windpower, we are pleased to be able to make a contribution to ensuring that people who live on the streets or are dependent on help for other reasons can find shelter and a warm meal here," emphasizes Gregor Rüth, CEO of Bohnenkamp.  

The donation will help the work of the volunteer-run and donation-funded shelter during a difficult time. Contributions such as the current donation from Windpower and Bohnenkamp are essential for the church institution to be able to open its doors wide to people seeking help this winter.