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Lawn tyres for the 2023 season

Whether on the football pitch, golf course, green belt or parklands – wherever grass grows in top condition, lawn mowers and other lawn care machines should drive on special lawn tyres. However, not every type of lawn tread is suitable for every application. For maximum lawn protection, it's worth taking a closer look at the main use and type of use – and at the lawn tyre range from Bohnenkamp AG.

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ATV & Quad treads - from farms to powersports

From recreational to professional use, Bohnenkamp's ATV range offers the right tread for every scenario.

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Osnabrück-based Bohnenkamp AG has commissioned a new, fully automated assembly machine for commercial vehicle tyres.

Fully automated wheel assembly from 20 to 52 inches

Bohnenkamp commissions new assembly machine for commercial vehicle tyres

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Timo Potratz - our man for powersports

When Timo Potratz joined Bohnenkamp AG in 2018, the topic of tyres was still completely new to him. The 27-year-old had previously completed his comprehensive training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant at a textile company. Nevertheless, Potratz, a full-blooded salesman, made friends with the Bohnenkamp product world in a very short time.

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Im Praxistest: der ATV-/Quad-Reifen Kenda K299 Bearclaw, ein Offroad-Allrounder des taiwanesischen Reifen-Herstellers Kenda.

KENDA K299 Bearclaw

“Can handle anything and looks cool, too!"

Gunar Drescher operates a master vehicle workshop and a well-running ATV dealership under the name “gPARTz Fahrzeugtechnik” in Storkow, Brandenburg, Germany. The power sportsman also drives the four-wheeled power packs himself and covers thousands of kilometres off-road every year. In the terrain, the master mechanic Drescher shows us why only tyres from Taiwanese manufacturer Kenda are used on his Arctic Cat.

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